Chapter XXXII: The Great Battle Part I

On Saturday, the circus started putting on a show. The disguised village man also came to watch the circus show in Kawaii Altar.

“Good,” he muttered, “very good.”

Far away in the south of La Frontier, on the border to Fancì, Chrishie and his group was stopping by a diner for lunch. They happened to see a news on the TV.

“Lintercrest Circus is performing a FREE show at Kawaii Altar! How good is that? That have flaming hoops, tigers, snakes and many more! All this is brought to you by the generous circus owner and manager, Aiden. Everyone is rushing to the stadium tent. There are thousands and thousands of people here!” said the reporter.

A picture of the circus manager, Aiden, flashed on the screen.

“Well, don’t you guys think he kind of looks like Anubis?” Sharo stared at the screen and asked.

“Yes! That’s Anubis!” Bri-Bri yelled. After all he had spent 3 years with Anubis, so he was very familiar with Anubis’s look.

“What is he doing up there for a circus show?” asked Adiale. The girls had just ate one violet each so they could speak.

“Making more money?” guessed Jade.

“But the show is free!” said Misty.

“Right… Wait! See! Isn’t that the village man we just met yesterday?” Sharo pointed to the screen. That guy was in the middle of crowd.

“Weird. Is this a coincidence?” Chrishie was wondering.

“Ah! We’ve been tricked!” shouted John.

“What do you mean? Tricked by whom?” asked TruEthan. Most of them were still confused.

“There’s no war in Fancì at all. That guy distracted us from going to Kawaii Altar because he was scheming something there.” John figured this out using logic.

“But what will be happening in Kawaii Altar? And why didn’t he want us to be there?” asked Chrishie.

“Jrunk! OMG! He is Jrunk!” screamed Sharo. He was always good in visions and connecting the dots. “He had tricked us before with his disguise, remember? That’s him again!”

Everyone was shocked.

“Is he scheming something along with Anubis?” Adiale asked agitatedly.

“Looks like it.” Mr. Kawaii said. “I’m worried about my clan people in Kawaii Altar.”

TruEthan smacked his forehead, very upset. Chrishie was blank and did not know what to say.

“Now what?” Armi asked.

“We are so far away from Kawaii Altar. How can we get there as soon as possible?” asked Adiale.

“I can find a private jet to get us back quickly,” said Mrs. Kawaii.

“That sounds like a plan!” said Chrishie and TruEthan.

They went to the nearest airport. Mr. and Mrs. Kawaii rented a private jet and they flew to Kawaii Altar.

When they got there, outside the circus tent, the darkness was covering the sky of central Kawaii Altar. Jrunk had already started choking and killing people using the darkness. People were running and screaming everywhere.

“Police! Arrest this guy!” shouted a business man.

A woman was panicking and crying out, “Steve! Where are you?”

“Help! Help! Is there a broadcasting? If you can reach us… HELP!” shouted an old man with his granddaughter.

“OH MY GOD!!” shouted a fifth grader, in horror. “Why does this random guy want to kill us all?” He started to look around, to see if there were any escape routes. An older boy around him said,

“I checked all the routes, it is surrounded my metal bars.”

The darkness grabbed people, chocking them slowly, one by one, then they would die in a few minutes.

That old man got tripped.

“Grandpa! Grandpa! Get up! We’ll die!” cried his granddaughter, sitting on the ground, hopelessly.

Once arrived and saw this chaos, Chrishie and his group knew that they needed to do something immediately or it would be too late.

Armi took out his super flashlight because he knew it could stop the darkness. However, it didn’t work. No light could be turned on.

“Oh no!” cried Armi, “It’s out of battery!”

“Adiale! You are the savior of Kawaii family!” Mr. Kawaii shouted to her, trying to overcome the loud noise and mess.

Adiale took out the thunderbolt that she bought from the Thunder Market. She threw it over towards Jrunk, which made a terrifying thunderous sound and flashes of lightening. It distracted Jrunk for a moment, but it did not do any harm to him.

Deternium, who was right next to her, reminded her about Adro that he taught her. Adiale had not used the power for a long time. She tried her best to recall, then started to do the movements of Adro. However, Derteinium stopped her, saying,

“Adro is used to undo and delete Jumpers. If you use Adro by itself, it will kill everyone in Kawaii Altar.”

“Then what can I do?” asked Adiale.

“The Wind of the Soul that I taught TruEthan is a power with love and protection. It can be used together with Adro to balance the destroying power, and only damage the specific targets.”

Then TruEthan started doing the movements for the Wind of The Soul. The wind summoned by TruEthan flew into the Adro power by Adiale. They formed an orb crackled with energy.

At the same time, Anubis was very unhappy finding Chrishie’s group was here disturbing his plan. He fired up arrows at them. They were busy dodging the arrows. Chrishie was distracted anticipating the Adro to happen, he did not notice that an arrow was coming his way.

“Nooooo!!!” shouted TruEthan.

He dived in to block the arrow, pushing Chrishie away. The arrow hit TruEthan’s chest. He fell down. Blood sprang and spilled on the ground, like a stream in red.

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