The Trump Cult?
douglas rushkoff

“Ultimately, we can all agree on one thing: At least one half of us are in a cult, being told a pack of lies and marching toward oblivion.”

I keep remembering Election Night. All of us free-thinking Democrats felt that Hillary had it all locked up. I was watching Stephen Colbert, doing his Election Special on Showtime. As the evening progressed, you could see the shift, as Trump started collecting Electoral Votes.

At one point in the show, Stephen commented, “It’s my job to make humor out of the worst situations, but I am having a problem doing this”. He, as well as the studio audience, was having a hard time with the events of the evening. And when it was announced that Trump had the required number to become President, the sadness and anger in the crowd was almost palpable.

Now it’s been 1 1/2 years since Inauguration Day, and many of us are still hoping that Mueller will find enough evidence to get Trump convicted, impeached, or voted out of office. But even when that comes to pass, you will still have 1/2 of the “conservative America” that will believe it was a conspiracy to destroy the Trump White House.

How can we make them understand, the ideas that Trump uses to further his cause, they are not things that will help ALL Americans. All I ever hear is “satisfying his base”. If that group of people actually believe the “verbal diarrhea” that he has been spewing, what can been done to make them “see the light”? The idea that he is a “businessman” means he hopes to make things better for himself, when he is no longer in office. Why can’t they see what is happening?

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