Ah, the Pew Research figures.
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Considering Sharia law is practiced in Texas, Michigan, Florida, Minnesota, and California I would not simply write it off and state that the beliefs held by Muslim individuals are not “integrated” as easily as you say. I’d also like a source regarding American Muslims who are born and raised there not feeling a connection with those interpretations.

A Muslim is a Muslim. We do not divide European Christians and American Christians- they are all Christians who uphold Christian values. The reason Muslims are harassed in European cities is because of all of the violence they carry out. That’s like saying “How dare you call me an extremist! I’m going to join ISIS!”. ISIS have put a £38k bounty on Dinko Valev- a Bulgarian who patrols his borders and is known for stopping illegal immigrants crossing into his country. If they were simply immigrants attempting to escape ISIS and war torn countries they wouldn’t put a bounty on the head of someone attempting to stop them. Ahmad Khan Rahami visited Pakistan where his peers say he was radicalized in 2011- before Trump started campaigning in 2015. It is also ridiculous to denounce the attacks by year. “Well there were only 3 this year, only two last year, only X the year before that”. They’re all attacks carried out by Muslim “extremists” and the fact that one happened in 2016 while another was in 2015 doesn’t change that. There is clearly a problem with this violent religion and the hatred for western culture.

As a matter of fact I have a copy of the Quran sitting on my desk right now. Yes, I have read it. These verses are also used as an excuse- as one will look at the verses of the Bible and pick out verses, the same is done for the Quran.

ISIS or not, the ideology is exactly the same. They’re all carrying out the teachings from the same book. It does not matter if they claim to be ISIS. Your metaphor would make more sense like this: If you approach a venomous snake then you can expect to be bitten. Approaching it, not kicking it. If you touch a Hornet’s nest then you will get stung. The point is that we cannot address these problems without being called “racists”, or “bigots”. I mean hey, just look at another person responding to me for the same reasons- at least you’ll actually provide evidence and structure your points logically rather than kicking and screaming that I’m wrong.

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