You know, it IS possible to condemn an attack made by an individual without condemning the entire…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

Oh I do agree, and if it were not for the hateful ideologies that Muslims are brought up on from birth I would not use so many blanket statements towards them. 75% of Muslims in Europe believe that there is only one interpretation of the Quran. I’m going to run with your example here. We are in a white country. Had a white gone to China and stabbed a bunch of people, they would begin to be fearful of whites. Then another white stabs a bunch of people. And another. And another. And hundreds more, bombing them and stabbing them multiple times a month. Are they then justified in putting up a simple sign that says “No whites allowed”? Yes, they are.

By the way, those Muslims from Egypt are the ones that are emigrating to the United States and that you welcome with open arms so dearly.

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