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You sure do use the word “bigot” a lot, did you only just learn what it means?

To dismiss an opinion like that as “bigoted” so easily is bigoted in itself. Especially with regards to Islam. This is a hateful ideology, which is nurtured at birth and reinforced through their actions. The crusades were provoked after hundreds of years of Muslim oppression, and nothing has changed. The historical, social, political, and economical aspects of Islam are completely incompatible with western civilization. They did not abolish the slave trade until the end of the 20th century and lasted thousands of years, whereas it was ended in the beginning of the 19th century for westerners and began in the 15th century. That’s quite a significant difference.

Also, “gullible idiots like you, who just need to be told something isn’t hateful by an old white man to believe it’s not.” is racist. Nice one.

As chronicled by which sources? Can I get some? That’d be nice. I’d really love you to back up your opinions with statistics and facts. I’m also unsure of where I mentioned Trump at all in my reply. You’re attempting to connect this incident to something totally unrelated. Also another left-winger, just like yourself, used that exact same argument about “What if it was a sign saying no X allowed” which I responded to already.

I’m going to run with your example here. We are in a white country. Had a white gone to China and stabbed a bunch of people, they would begin to be fearful of whites. Then another white stabs a bunch of people. And another. And another. And hundreds more, bombing them and stabbing them multiple times a month. Are they then justified in putting up a simple sign that says “No whites allowed”? Yes, they are.

You seem to be assuming that I am a Christian. I am, in fact, an agnostic. Sorry to put an end to your hateful narrative of everyone who shares pro-white beliefs being an old white Christian male.

As for your closing statement, I wouldn’t hold these beliefs if it was only one Muslim committing these acts. I hold them because it is a worryingly significant amount. I believe you’ll find the website below useful.

Also there are only two genders and everything else is degeneracy.

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