Drug Abuse in Pakistan

Asslama Alaikum,I hope everyone is fine and enjoying good Health.

I could not work with an Oraganization due to busy schedule and also I am suffering from Lower back Disc injury.But I wrote a blog for a Major Social Issue that i have experienced more than my imagination in society.

Drugs only make people forget and not care about their troubles. When the drug wears off, the problem is still there.”

Many people don’t understand why and how other people became addicted to drugs.Some people think that those who use drugs lack willpower and moral principles.

In reality,drug addiction is a complex disease.Drugs changes the brain in such a way that make the quitting hard even for those who want to.

In Pakistan,more than 800,000 peoples between the ages of 15–64 are addicted to use Heroines on daily basis as indicated by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Estimates show that around 44 tons of heroin is consumed every year in Pakistan and there is interesting and a shamful thing is this ratio is two to three times higher than United states of America.

This is the reason why Pakistan is considered as a home for the use of heroin and is known as one of the biggest market for heroin smugglers and dealers.

In pakistan,the no of drugs user either they consumed:



3-Drink Alchol

is 7.6 Million according to UN report Where 78% are Males and 22% are females.

The number of these addicts are increasing 40,000 per year making Pakistan the one of biggest drug addict country in World.