I loved Calvin & Hobbes, who was inspired by Schultz, as you know, and agree.
Deborah DiClementi

Thanks! I wasn’t familiar with the phrase until about 7–10 years ago. Could be in having increased my range of reading after reenrolling at UTEP to finish my BA and finish with an MA. If it isn’t the environmental issues created by ASARCO (where my mother’s side of the family worked and lived beneath in Smeltertown) and the oil refinery in central (was Chevron), it was the border patrol, Fort Bliss, and the range. Even one side of our Franklin mountains is pockmarked with unexploded ordinance — as it was a firing range during the war and post war eras. Except for where it exists, violence with gangs and drugs are tightly controlled. It is the militaristic violence running rampant where it dwells behind our eyes.

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