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Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash

I did things I regret and others that I learned from. Removing trees has been considered the most common practice in the tree cutting industry for a long time.

We, as arborists, tree doctors, can be mistaken as ‘tree loppers.’ They are not the same and are very different from each other. On one side you have the qualified, tree connoisseur and tree lover that understands the tree world. Arborists will do their best to preserve the tree's integrity and explain their functions to a person with a mouthful of pleasure.

But on the other side, you have the ones…

The childhood full of dirt and encounters that I would never forget

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Searching for worms / Source: T. Miranda 2020

As I approach the dinner table, grandma extended her arm to give me a treat. It was not a usual treat. It was rabanada (French toast). She cooked and watched me indulging myself with a big smile on her face. It is a mix of sliced bread and cinnamon, soaked in beaten eggs and then pan-fried. Delicious.

These are simple memories from my childhood at grandma’s place in the East Zone of São Paulo, Brazil. …

What can a tree climber tell about one of the most efficient food factories of the natural world?

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Climbing arborist in the canopy / Source: T. Miranda 2017

As tree climbers, we can tell how different a tree canopy can be depending on the species. It can change by colour, form and size, making us climb in distinctive ways. Our movement to a branch tip rests in our ability to use certain climbing techniques, which ultimately takes our attention to safety.

Our poor vision may sometimes distract us from the beauty of a leaf. Its exotic ability to produce food for the tree is astonishing. These are details that a busy arborist, pruning or inspecting a tree, may pass unnoticed.

Interest and curiosity are important tools for science…

Only the most powerful ones know their enemies

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Photo by Matheus Farias on Unsplash

I am not here to defend ideologies nor to fill my plate with the best food for thought. What happened and continues to happen in Brazil has a historical line. And the facts have not been presented boldly enough to understand the socio-politic-economic situation of today’s government.

What we see is a result of media manipulation, elite power and a hierarchy of social classes.

Brazilian politics is based on the fight for the wellbeing of the people against the rich minority. This minority had always a voice, creating a system that poor people feed the elite.

If the government works…

Declarations based on a master in favour of human rights violation

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Photo by Oleksandra Bardash on Unsplash

This is an article about frustrations from a frustrated individual. I do not mean to create bias nor an irrelevant discussion. This text is based on evidences that are being shown lately in the media with depth and clarity.

In fact, this clarity comes from the one responsible for all the lies, actions and disagreement towards reliable sources that could help any society otherwise. Even so, the one is clearly telling us what not to do with a country.

I have expressed myself before about the changes of a country like Brazil is going through at the moment. …

The human, fungi, and plant’s relationship have ever been so strong… until now!

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Photo by Michael Krahn on Unsplash

Plants are an essential part of our lives. Without them, we would not be here in the first place. This is the part of natural history that we probably missed at school, or it was neglected due to its complexity. Since the existence of humans on this planet, our necessity to intervene with nature for our purposes has been rather convenient.

I guess we were conscious about nature because of early rituals or even cultural history. Or mainly just for survival. Yet, we are still dependent on everything that evolved, from plants to animals, to satisfy our daily lives.


Dealing with questions that religion might jinx the knowledge of the natural world

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Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

Humans are funny animals. Pedantic and shallow with certain things, and extremely serious about others. Our consciousness makes us believe that the reality we live in is the only one available. The individual reality perceives the world with one way of seeing, smelling, touching, and speaking, which is not always conceived as the collective truth.

We misbehave toward other humans to satisfy this desire, with the prevalent sureness that everything has a purpose. If it does, for what then?

Isn’t it enough to just live and respect and enjoy the presence of others and yourself? Why do we have to…

a reflection

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Urrbrae House —

You feel higher than you think on the first floor.

Blown orange-coloured clouds can be seen at the horizon swerving tree canopies, with several bird flocks flying desperately to celebrate the end of another day.

Different parrot’s species hang out in different ways.

Some fly like bullets in groups of five, others are solo flyers, normally higher up in the sky, with a graceful voyage. And some others may be irritating bullies.

I guess the sunset is just another excuse for nature appreciation anyway.

Flowers may appear shy and less attractive, while trees look more impressive by the…

Frustrations upon more frustrations

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Photo by Jake Schumacher on Unsplash

The year of 2020 was a year of intense societal break downs, climate crisis, humanitarian crisis, political divergences and diseases outbreak. And humans were the actors of this whole extravaganza that started on earlier January. Countries from all around the world lived similar moments of political transition and crash of ideologies.

Until today, the beginning of a new year, things may not change as expected. The issues continue to emerge fast and anticipated to happen for a few more years. The Novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is here to stay for longer.

The final events could not have been more dramatic, and…

And we are not still reading enough

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Photo by Darwin Vegher on Unsplash

The world is full of cultures. Cultures that sometimes are different or similar in several ways. Within these cultures, sub-cultures emerge as a result of different habits adapted overtime.

We are living amongst habits that are constantly changing around us. Habits that are causing our world to consider different priorities, different life values, different learning mechanisms and different ways to educate the young. As this article may specify a bit more, culture shapes our minds after all.

Today’s situation is completely different than it was fifty years ago. …

Tiago Miranda

I climb, I travel, I think, I read, I write and I am starving for more | RIP AB |

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