The business with sustainable cleaning pills is still young, but ready to battle the market. Well known angel investors are now backing the Munich-based startup Everdrop.

Original German article: https://www.gruenderszene.de/business/putzpillen-startup-everdrop-finanzierung

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Christian Becker, Daniel Schmitt-Haverkamp und David Löwe rely on plastic-free bubbling tablets that mix themselves. The startup was founded in 2019.

The theme of “sustainability” is attracting investors more and more. Now the Munich startup Everdrop can show this with the closing of their first financing round for their plastic-free cleaning tablets.

Well-known angel investors such as the Flaconi and Zenloop founders Björn Kolbmüller and Paul Schwarzenholz, Kartenmacherei founder Christoph Behn, and the Lillydoo founders Sven Bauer and Gerald Kullack invested a high six-digit amount, Gründerzscene was exclusively told.

With the money they are not only looking to expand, but also to finance the development of a new alternative cleaning products, said Everdrop co-founder David Löwe to Gründerszene. …

So far only large startups have been able to apply for funds from the Corona aid package. Now smaller companies will also be able to apply for funds. Berlin would like the money to be paid out within the next four weeks.

Original German article: https://www.gruenderszene.de/business/corona-hilfen-kleine-startups

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Not only help for the Unicorns: smaller startups should also now benefit from Corona aid

If so far there was talk of the €2 billion aid package for startups, it was mostly about supporting the large VC financed companies (Pillar 1 of Corona aid). Now, almost four months after announcing the relief measures, it looks like finally help for small startups is coming — also known as Pillar 2.

Little has been known about this second part of the aid program, estimated to cost €800 million. …

A year ago the German government announced a new Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation to promote disruptive new technologies. Now the first of these projects are being publicly announced.

Original German article: https://www.gruenderszene.de/technologie/agentur-fuer-sprunginnovationen-projekte

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Chief Innovator und director of the agency: Rafael Laguna de la Vera

The German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation (Sprin-D) supports groundbreaking ideas to help German companies stay in Germany. “We don’t want successful German companies to be sold to American or Asian interests” said Rafael Laguna de la Vera, the Leipzig-based agency director.

“We need ‘Made in Germany 2.0’. We don’t want to be chasing after Silicon Valley. …


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