Medium, Stop Trying to Get Me to Pay For Content

Dear Medium,

When I first discovered Medium, it was plush with new stories that spanned many different interests. It was fertile soil. A place to glean knowledge and opinion. The internet at it’s best. But something changed. Medium introduced a pay-wall.

At first, it wasn’t a big deal. There were some “premium” articles and I got three free a month, so I was fine. If I came across a “premium” article, chances are I hadn’t met my quota for the month, so I still got to read. But again, something has changed. It seems that practically EVERY article that I get in my Daily Digest is of the pay-per-view variety. If that’s not enough, it doesn’t matter if I actually read the article, all it takes is me clicking the link to open the article and that equals one free read.

Other media outlets have been adopting this model, as well. One of my favorites, is another that only allows three free reads. I have NOT done my research, but if I were in a conjecturing mood, I would venture that Medium and Wired are both a subsidiary of the same parent company, but my meager search engine results tell me otherwise. That means that this is a scary trend on what was once a free and open internet.

I get it, with the advent of ad-blocking technology, you have to keep the lights on somehow, and I’m sure there’s plenty of folks out there that are completely willing to pay your (insert amount here) dollar per month fee to read premium articles, just not me. So please stop tempting me with ONLY premium reads in my Daily Digest.


A Concerned Reader