I read through the Economist article and didn’t find anything particularly compelling.
Eli Perelman

I didn’t claim the Economist link would prove miracles to you. It was to help you get a better appreciation of how serious miracle claims are taken by the Catholic Church so you would, perhaps, be less dismissive.

“Does that matter?”

Of course it matters. It matters more than anything else we could possibly talk about.

Your line of reasoning here amounts of intellectual laziness. You are effectively saying “I can’t be bothered to look into anything you’re saying so I’ll just dismiss it and move the goalpost” which is, sadly, very consistent with my arguments with other atheists. I hesitated to engage in this conversation in the beginning because atheists tend to be intellectually lazy which is why, I think, they’re atheists to begin with. When presented with a line of new reasoning, they move the goal post and say it doesn’t matter. When you check that, they say that doesn’t matter. You’ve made your mind up and no amount of facts, logic, or reasoning will deter you.

You’ll say “You haven’t proved anything” but these are complicated subjects can I can’t just hand you a proof of God in one sentence any more than I can prove calculus to you in one sentence. When I start down a path with you, you can’t be bothered and you dismiss it. It’s disrespectful to me and disrespectful to thousands of the most intelligent minds every to have pondered philosophy and I urge you to at least reconsider and dig deeper into some of these questions and read Aristotle and Aquinas at least and ponder before dismissing it so easily.

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