Arduino Uno Setup On Mac OS X

Mac OS X

Board: OSEPP Uno R3 Plus, but most other boards will be compatible

Having troubles connecting your Arduino board to Mac OS X? Or maybe a similar board with You are probably getting an error message relating to your serial interface is unable to connect with any drivers on your OS.

Here’s a simple way to connect your board to Mac OS X.

  1. Plugin your Arduino board to your computer using USB
  2. Download the Arudino editor — if you can afford it, donate, too. :)
  3. Run a simple app, like the Blink app

3. Watch it fail… :/

4. Download the driver you need for Mac OS X based upon your version. For my board, the getting started guide mentions a big disclaimer at the top for Mac OS X users.

5. Download the correct version you need.

Downloading & Installing 2.3 for Mac OS X 10.9

6. Load up the Arduino editor again.

7. Try that blink program one more time, but check the serial monitor.

8. Click on Upload to upload the blink program to your board, and watch the LED light flash at 1 Baud.

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