The Game is Rigged: Time to Redesign Our Broken Real Estate Model
Becca Chacko

Thank you for writing this Becca. I absolutely agree with everything you said here, and you have made excellent points. Your discussion regarding the two scenarios resonates with my wife and I. I get it.

I think that one of the problems is job availability across the country. All the jobs are in urban areas, which I feel is driving the cost of real estate in major metropolitan areas.

The second point I don’t understand how to make better.

My second point is how from the data it seems that it is more cost-effective to rent if you plan on moving from area to area. Why is this so? How can this be improved?

Do you (or anybody for that matter) have thoughts on how we can make it more cost effective for people to own a home for a time span that is less than five years?

What would that take? What would that look like? I am not sure, but would love to hear others thoughts on the matter.

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