Follow These 5 Steps If You Are a Freelance Writer Who Wants to Earn More Cash in Writing

In becoming a freelance writer, passion and perseverance is not an option, but a must-have.

How to become a successful freelance writer?

If you still haven’t started, and still thinking about what you want to write, then that’s awfully bad. Seriously, the best way is to start early, to start now.

Being a freelance writer doesn’t mean you’ll get a stable income immediately. But with hard work, patience, and dedication, you can actually earn some reasonable cash. Unless you’re an established writer already, you should consider these key points important, if you want to get paid to write:

1. Put extra effort in your proposal.

Make sure your proposal stands out — attention-grabbing and innovative — before you send them out. Most clients scan e-mails for just a few seconds, so put an extra effort in your subject line. Be creative.

If your proposal gets rejected or ignored, try another prospect. However, this time, you have to create a better proposal that greatly showcases your capabilities and skills so they become willing to pay you according to your expertise.

2. Promote yourself.

Use different social media and blogs to market your skills and so that clients can contact you easily. For example, you can add the word “for hire” in your bio to show you’re available. Or as a freelance writer, create your own website and compile a strong portfolio with your best works and articles to impress your clients.

3. Evaluate the market and choose your niche.

It’s apparent that there is a large demand of freelance content writers in today’s era. However, it doesn’t guarantee you some freelance writing opportunities already. Most companies or organizations require a freelance writer with particular niche to cater their certain demands. As you gain some freelancing experiences, develop a writing niche expertise, and evaluate the marketplace before you venture on.

4. Be more realistic.

Remember to know your skills and limitations. Learn from your mistakes or learn from others overtime. Assess your worth as a freelance writer. In that way, you’d be able to evaluate what you need to do to sharpen your writing expertise.

5. Research, research, research.

Never mislead your readers. Educate them with a relatable topic and inviting tone. Research on reliable sources and verify the claims first before sending or posting them.