Why You Need To Know If It Is a Scam?

Nowadays, scammers are increasingly refined in their endeavors to get your cash, or individual points of interest. Be ready and shield yourself from being defrauded by knowing these tips.

How to Avoid a Scam?

  • Be alert to the fact that scams exist.
  • Know who you’re dealing with.
  • Get to know more about them.
  • Ask for proofs of products and services they offered.

What are the signs of being scammed?

  1. The Offer Seems Too Good to be True

Tricks will regularly guarantee exceptional yields for almost no money-related responsibility. They may even say that an arrangement is too great to miss.

2. They Want Personal Information

Many scams include getting hold of your personal and financial account information. Tricksters will look the individual’s data so they can use it to steal the person’s identity or his money.

3. Grammatical Errors

Con artists regularly use wrong punctuation and spelling to guarantee just the most defenseless individuals to react to their messages.

What do you think, is LitFire Publishing a scam?

Read below for the answers of frequently asked questions about LitFire. You may also check for their BBB accreditation page.

Frequently Asked: Is LitFire Publishing a Fraud?

A leading publisher in Atlanta, LitFire Publishing, has been offering POD self-publishing services to writers who’d want to publish their books. Because a lot of publishing houses are emerging in the industry, writers and veterans ask as to LitFire’s status. Is LitFire Publishing a fraud?

LitFire Publishing @ BookExpo 2017

LitFire answers frequently asked questions as told by its marketing specialist, Richard Stephens.

When did LitFire open its business?

LitFire started opening its doors in 2008. The goal then is to provide services for authors of digital books. With so many authors wanting to publish with LitFire, it paved way for more services, now catering to hundreds of book titles.

Where is LitFire located?

LitFire’s main headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia. Soon, LitFire will open its doors to aspiring authors in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

How can authors contact LitFire?

There are several ways: 1) visit LitFire’s website at www.litfirepublishing.com, 2) email LitFire at info@litfirepublishing.com, 3) call at 1.800.511.9787, and 4) visit other social media pages, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

What services does LitFire offer?

In the past, LitFire only catered to digital formats. Because most authors opt for self-publishing, more and more authors are beginning to see its advantage over traditional publishing. Services include Black and White, and Full-color publishing packages, editorial, audiobook, radio commercial runs, book trailers, and marketing and publicity services, such as book exhibits and press release services.

Book Trailer: The Right Hand Of God by Nelda Moffatt

What is the first step in getting published?

The manuscript should be the first thing. A free coaching and review will be readily available to discuss terms. It is always the author’s choice to go through the process or not. Once the author finds the terms satisfactory, he will be given an order form so LitFire will know the details of the work and where to begin. Both parties will enter into an agreement.

Is LitFire legit?

Like any other publishing house, LitFire has been a subject of doubt and hate. People have been posting bogus LitFire publishing scams online. But current authors have been happy with their publishing experience with LitFire, and have brought authors with international campaigns and book festivals.

Below are some of the authors’ testimonies and you may read more of the testimonials by clicking here.

LitFire recommends finding more information online. Visit Youtube account and other social media pages. Additional information about LitFire is also available in their Wikipedia page.