Monthly Project— Empower Playgrounds

For this month’s project we chose to support Empower Playgrounds. Because any organization that makes kids this happy—

—deserves some help.

So what does Empower do? I’m glad you asked. Like most nonprofits, it started out with a need. Children in rural Ghana couldn’t do homework outside of class because 1. they are busy helping their families during daylight hours and 2. they don’t have any electricity to see once it’s dark. Without time to study and do homework, many children aren’t able to advance on to high school. Without education, how can people pull themselves out of the cycle of poverty?

Enter Ben Markham, founder of Empower Playgrounds. Ben came up with the idea to use a merry-go-round to harness the children’s energy during recess to charge a battery.

The battery is then used to charge lanterns for the students to take home and study at night. One charge provides a student with 40 hours of lantern life. With the necessary time to study now provided, Empower is giving students a better chance at a life and the tools to create exciting things of their own.

Pretty cool, huh? We think so too. You can learn more about Empower here or donate $1 a month to projects like this here!

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