The Nomad In Me

I’m sure I have written about this before, just not here on Medium. Call me a Nomad, call me a Vagabond, just don’t make me stay in one place too long. I have a roaming heart. I feel most alive when I travel and see the sights and marry myself to the location that I am in. I like to learn about the culture, the food, the history. I try to submerse myself while still retaining an identity.

Being on the move feels more like my natural state of being. Staying in one place for too long (to me) feels like part of my spirit dies on the daily. I know I need money to live and to keep a roof over my head. I don’t need stuff. See “Three Pairs of Shoes” I do need a certain level of creature comforts. A notebook for journaling, 3 shirts, a pair of jeans, a few pair of underwear, socks and shoes and a Chromebook for sharing my ideas. I’m not a 100% hardcore vagabond in the sense that I like the creature comforts of a hot shower, a good cup of coffee and great conversation.

A part of me resides here in Oregon, but my heart is on a plane, my head is in the clouds and my dreams are of far off lands. It has been a year since India and my travel itch has started again (no its not the itch that I need to see a doctor about, I don’t have those itches). I am counting down the days until getting on a plane in September to see my Grandmother (who by the way turns 100 this September — can you say sheer awesome sauce?!?!). My fantasy is that I will be kidnapped by a pack of gorgeous swedish women who will take me through the countryside sharing their ideas, their love of food and great conversation. We end up backpacking all over europe and seeing amazing sights, maybe end up going to Greece and Turkey, then the maldives, then Eastern Europe, eventually Vietnam, Thailand and so on.

In my fantasy I travel so much that I finally realize I am 75 or 80. I am fit and healthy and content…not happy, but content. I put pen to paper and within a matter of days, I am traveling again. Money isn’t an issue because I am supported by people around the world who love my writing and pay small stipends to read my work. I don’t have a traditional life and that is perfectly fine by me. When my time is up, I write a few more fantastic posts and begin my trek up Mount Everest. Here I will see the most breathtaking sunset and draw in my last breath doing so.

And back to reality. Whats my point in all this (aside from the fact that I have undiagnosed ADD and jump around more than a squirrel who has found the motherload), its that we all have passions. Untapped desires. We see ourselves living a different life than the one in front of us. We see greener grass on the other side. Maybe we have a shot of hope or optimism in this other life? Maybe that optimism transcends the dream and keeps us moving forward and ever striving for that 1% better today than yesterday in this life?

Who knows. There are no answers, just more questions. Keep dreaming. Keep being bold, daring and don’t accept the “status quo” Don’t try to fit your round peg into a square hole. I listened to this song the other day and realized, maybe just maybe, he is talking about himself and not someone else?

Until next time…

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