Tmobile’s Jump and Jump On Demand Program

Rants from a pissed off customer after the fact

So I want to clear the air: I still love t-mobiles straightforward pricing, I love how John Legere dishes out shit to the big boys, and that tmobile is aggressively targeting the big guys (Verizon and at&t) on coverage, and finally, they are killing it on customer service. I was a tmobile customer for the better part of 4 years. I am now on metropcs and pay one price and don’t deal with throttling.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and go prepaid because I got tired of the taxes and fees and horseshit across carriers. I did my homework and decided in the game, for what I need (data only) metro was my baby. (I use google voice/hangouts for all my texting and talking needs. I have no need for an unlimited talk & text plan, which they all offer now, but I digress.

I went back into tmobile in June after a 2 month trip to india and resumed my service and got another Note 4 (I love the phone and mine was stolen in Delhi). The sales associate read the notes in the account and got my service reinstated. I wanted to do the jump program because honestly I always end up buying my phone outright after a few months.

The sales associate in Thousand Oaks, got the phone and told me of the new plan pricing and that I should do the Jump on demand program. I told him that would be fine since I buy my phones out after several months anyway. He put me on the plan, activated the phone and sent me on my merry way. I was after all familiar with the Jump program as I had been on it for the better part of 2 years (never taking advantage of it to date)

Fast forward to August 26th. I called in to cancel my service as to switch to MetroPCS. I was advised by the associate that all I owed, after paying the lease of 3 months $35 a month, was $437.40. I gave him my debit card and all was right in the the world. I got one more bill in September showing current charges and the credit of my account and the balance due. I called in to verify and I was assured that I was good.

7 days ago,I get a $250 bill for the balance due on the phone. I was totally flabbergasted. Seriously. I paid my commitment in full??? Boy was I wrong and here is what you need to know before you “Jump” into the jump on demand lease.

  1. If you do the jump program, you pay a deposit up front and the balance of the phone becomes due at the end of 24 months or when you cancel service. It allows you to jump out of your current phone and into another one once a year.
  2. Jump on demand lease is just that. It is a lease. If you terminate before the 18 months are up you owe money!
  3. Jump on demand requires you you fulfill your lease term or face a termination fee (contracts all over again, just in a different light). I remember that at&t, verizon and sprint do this still…you sign a two year contract and the price of the phone is subsidized throughout your term. At the end of your term, you own the phone and can upgrade. — Same story, just a different packaging.
  4. Simplicity: Jump: You pay a deposit on the phone you love, you make payments until end of 24 months and phone is yours and you can start the whole process over again. Jump on Demand: You don’t pay a deposit, term is 18 months (as opposed to big guys 24 month contract), at the end of 18 months you pay a balance on the phone to buy it out right, or whenever you cancel your service. Be advised: If you want to pay your phone off, wait two months to get the real balance due. I paid $35 a month for 3 months=$105 + $437.40 and now $250.00. Cost of the Note 4 (792.00 plus some change). For the record you can buy a refurb right now on ebay for $450.00.

FYI If i don’t pay the $250 balance, my phone is blacklisted and will not be able to be used on any carrier.

Make sure you know the rules and regulations before you “Jump” into anything. Read the fine print before you sign ANYTHING.

I work in the wireless industry and my goal from here on out is to educate people. Buy your phones outright and forget the headache. Try on Prepaid, as it can work for you and save you money. I hope this helped. Please share on twitter, facebook and g+ if you find this to be helpful.

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