Chad Boulter - Tips For New Snowboarding Instructors

Chad Boulter is a certified snowboarding instructor who is able to use the many experiences he has enjoyed during his professional career to help his students. Making use of your skills to teach other people about the sport can be an intimidating experience, particular for those who have just completed their certification courses, so it is important that you head into your lessons with strong ideas about what you want to teach. If you are new to the profession, consider all of the following tips to give you the highest chance of success.

Chad Boulter

Stay In Shape

There are going to be a number of months during each year instructors are going to be unable to teach due to the condition of the slopes, typically during the summer months. A good instructor will not take this as a reason to slack off and will instead focus all of their effort into staying in shape and developing the core strength that they need to stay effective when on the board. Instructors who are visibly out of shape are going to struggle to earn the respect of their students, so make sure you focus on this aspect.

Talk To Other Instructors

The snowboarding community that surrounds new instructors proves invaluable as they prepare to give their first batch of lessons. You should make it a point to discuss your lesson plans with other instructors, particularly those who have more experience, as this will allow you to figure out weaker areas of your plans. Never refuse the opportunity to learn from an instructor who has more experience than you do.

Bond With Students

Most teachers will tell you that the bonds they form with their students prove to be extremely important when it comes to teaching them what they need to know to succeed. Make sure that you take this advice to heart and develop an affable teaching style that will ensure all of your students enjoy their lessons. Be a conversationalist and let each person you speak to know that you care about personal development as much as relaying the information that you need to provide during the lesson.

Enjoy Yourself

Chad Boulter has been a fan of extreme sports from a young age and always has a tremendous amount of fun when engaging in them. This should be reflected in the lessons that new instructors give to their students. Remember that the people you are teaching are not just there to learn, but also so that they can start enjoying new activity. Don’t put pressure on a person for no reason and exercise as much patience as possible to make sure that every student you teach gets the most out of each lesson.