The Issue on the Table : Welcome

{ Volume 0 }

Life. We all live it, and we’ve all enjoyed it at one point or another. Still, when one takes a long, holistic look at the thing, it doesn’t take long to realize that life is, fundamentally, a shitstorm; corruption in politics, rampant diseases, economic crises, terrorism, shitty films, unreliable media, the ever-present threat of nuclear annihilation, and — worst of all — people being wrong on the internet. These things, depressing and aggravating by themselves, go on to make your head spin when you try to keep track of them all, eventually spinning you head and mind into sweet sweet nihilism.

Now, as much as I love nihilism (a topic I’m sure will be revisited here with surprising frequency) I happen to live on this planet alongside said problems, and I’d really like to not spiral into depression, death, and shitposting. Thus, here I am.

The Issue on the Table is my attempt at a blog, designed to compartmentalize all of life’s problems and provide the tools to combat them and their effects on your psyche. It’s my own personal attempt at turning the tables and kicking life in the gut for once. After all, what are problems for if not to be solved?

Additionally, to stave off hatred for your fellow man, I intend to provide at least one story per month on humanity’s truly great accomplishments, so keep your chin up and eyes open for those.

With all that out of the way, welcome to my blog! I already have a few issues I want to talk about, but am by no means omnipresent. Please inform me of any issues you feel deserve a place here and I’ll do my best to get around to them!