Millennials: The Struggle

Times have definitely changed and lifestyle choices that were once possible twenty years ago are “no longer” within reach for a lot millennials… Many blame the government, the economy, or anyone and everything, but that doesn’t alleviate the problem. Yes, the cost of living is expensive. Yes, there is heavy competition to land a job whose salary is enough to live comfortably. However, we live in a ‘who you know’ kind of world and the ability to create opportunity for ourselves is remarkable. Building relationships and contacts is the best way to create opportunity. There are so many tools out there that can help towards success but it takes hard work. Instead of worrying and complaining, apply yourself and CREATE opportunity for advancement. With the ‘poor me’ attitudes of the more recent generations, it has created a false sense of ‘hopelessness’ and ‘play the victim cards.’ The motivation levels of most millennials is disappointing compared to those of previous generations. With technological advancements and its easy accessibility, one would think there would be more opportunity than ever before… And there is! Technology has made us lazy but it doesn’t have to be that way. When one applies themselves, they will reap the rewards.
We often here the controversy whether a college degree is worth obtaining… Does it help? Does it offer a leg up during the interview process? Will it bring a higher salary?…There doesn’t seem to be a clear indication of an obvious answer but in all honesty, it doesn’t really matter. If someone wants something bad enough, they will do whatever it takes to succeed; whether that includes obtaining a college degree or not…
Millennials are often living paycheck to paycheck, if not on credit alone. If you are one of those people in that position, ask yourself this simple question: “Am I doing EVERYTHING within my control to better my financial status?” If the answer is no, create a list of possible solutions that can help you work towards your life goals. Establish a clear vision of what you want in life and go for it. If short on money, consider ways to bring in supplemental income… Sell unused belongings, babysit the neighbors kids, walk the neighbors dogs, mow lawns… If you feel “above” those things, that’s the first problem needing to be addressed. I’ll say it again… If you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to succeed.
When looking around, there are so many of us that are not able to find work in our field of study. Sometimes, that is how it has to be but it is temporary if you want it to be. If you free yourself from pride, you will do what needs to be done in order to accomplish your goals. The world’s most successful people did not achieve their success over night. They put in long hours, days, and sleepless nights to invest in a greater future. They sacrificed their time “now” in order to build their foundation to success and the future became whatever they wanted it to be.
Life is too short to do anything less than what you love. Whether it involves a degree, vocational school or no degree at all, DO WHAT YOU LOVE. At the end of your life, do not be the one who looks back with regret and wishing you did things differently. Experience life to the fullest, and take time NOW to pursue your passions. Develop relationships, stay close to the people you love… Take action and start applying yourself today.