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Change is in the air, but it’s not here to stay unless we act.

In myriad ways, the experience of COVID is a first in our modern history. Many of us have never been through anything like it before, and Lord willing we won’t have to endure anything like it again. We are in the midst of untold pain and suffering economically, socially, and physically.

But while (most) of us are at home binging Tiger King or holding a tiger pose during an insta live yoga session…

Our planet is taking a breather.

Now I’m not an atmospheric scientist and…

Here’s 3 Killer Principles I’ve Learned From 15,000hrs On The Job.

Me standing in Graffiti Alley — Toronto, Canada

So far, I’ve logged about 15,000 freelance design hours and racked up more than 200 (mostly) happy clients across 25 countries…

And somehow through all of it managed to survive and build what I think amounts to a pretty decent freelance design career.. so far.

As of this writing, I’m 32 years old. I’ve never been employed. I started freelancing while in University eleven years ago and have had the great fortune (and oftentimes misfortune — that for another day) of never looking back. For some reason I’ve always been drawn to the idea of partnering with people instead of working for people. Freelancing allows me that choice. I’m drawn to the wild ambiguity and freedom that freelancing (can) offer.


Chadd Weston


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