My Experience of Beyonce’s Lemonade has taught me:

How voyeuristic we are. How vicariously we live through others. Especially our celebs.

How much we are connected whether we realize it or not.

How much we love symbolism. The beauty of opinion. The beauty of perspective.

The power of creativity. The power of truth and how convoluted it can get. The power of framing. The power of allegiance.

The importance of change and the fear we have of it. But it’s not the change that’s scary, it’s how we relate to the change. How it affects us and what is change going to ask of us individually and collectively.

How much we love beauty and romance. We luuuuuvv beauty and romance!

What a dumping ground the internet can be for irresponsibility and cruelty. What a haven the Internet can be when you we desire comfort and validation.

People are people. Celebrities. “Average joe”. Rich or poor. Male or female. Etc etc..

Yea, we romanticize so much. We all have a story in our head. How it “should be” or what we “think” it is. This woman got cheated on (I think…right?) She’s a public figure. She’s a mother. She’s someone’s child. She’s a person. This story of hers is told through beautifully crafted and rehearsed imagery. And though her lyrics may give us some insight into her pain and situation, her emotions are then presented to us by design and we are left to fill in the gaps and make connections from our own vantage points. Anyone who has been cheated on. Violated. Deceived. Knows fully well what that emotional roller coaster feels like. And it doesn’t look like Lemonade but maybe we wish it could.

I think art is about communication. Beyonce with all of her celebrity and access has started a dialogue that can be easily lost if we stop at the surface. Thanks Bey for starting a conversation. We feel you.