Permission to Hate: The Attack of August Ames

Chad Felix Greene
Dec 9, 2017 · 7 min read

Warning: This article discusses the difficult topic of suicide and contains adult language and links to several adult performer’s twitter accounts and an associated news website that may contain adult material.

A tragic story has revealed a larger truth about our politicized world that many are uncomfortable discussing. I think it is time we spoke about it honestly.

Many are familiar with the recent suicide of August Ames, an adult film star. Reports have linked her suicide to a Twitter mob shortly beforehand in which she was attacked for suggesting she was uncomfortable performing with men who had engaged in gay porn scenes.

It is important to first state that I firmly do not believe suicide is caused by other people or their actions. I have long spoken out against the LGBT Left’s terrible habit of threatening teenage gay or trans suicides as the result of conservative speech on either topic. Suicide is an extremely personal decision and the blame falls solely on the shoulders of the person committing it. I attempted suicide as a teenager and my father died from suicide. I studied this in counseling and have worked with suicide prevention. It is an extremely important topic to me. However there are other relevant aspects to this story.

As discussed in an article titled, Gay Porn Insiders Speak Out About August Ames and Who’s (Not) to Blame for Her Suicide, August suffered from long term emotional and mental illness. She was likely a remarkably unstable individual before the event occurred. While it is absolutely legitimate to discuss the bullying and the cruelty demonstrated by the mob against her, no individual can be blamed for her actions.

I am not familiar with anyone in this story and hold no personal opinions about the character of any individual. I, like everyone else, can only go with what I have read and seen. Before we move forward, this tweet by Bruce Beckham deserves recognition:

Bruce has been at the center of the controversy and he has taken a large amount of the blame for what resulted. No one can be blamed for her suicide except her, but we need to talk about why the bullying happened in the first place.

There is a key word here that seems to be the catalyst for all of this: Homophobic. At one time this term was used to describe Christians morally opposed to homosexuality and it provided a way for gay people to defend themselves from the resulting judgment. It became fashionable to simply dismiss Christian opposing views as ‘homophobic.’ But like ‘racist’, the term has grown in severity and in certain areas of the country and certain industries has become just as damning to a person’s reputation and career.

The primary concern expressed by August was her personal safety. As the above article states, this was interpreted as: “This is not about ‘her choice’ in choosing who she worked with,”…“It was directly related to the idea we (gay porn actors) were ‘dirty’ or ‘promiscuous.’” The motivation behind accusing her of homophobia was sourced in this attitude. The sin she committed was in appearing to reject gay men for being gay — something the LGBT community is extremely sensitive about.

As, Mark Hemingway writing for The Federalist in Porn Star Commits Suicide After Mob Hounds Her For Refusing Partner Who Had Gay Sex, states, “Except that last I checked, there’s a word for when a woman is threatened and bullied into sex with someone she feels uncomfortable with, for any reason whatsoever: “Rape.”

We have seen a similar reaction towards individuals expressing discomfort with having sex with transgender individuals as well. The LGBT community seeks to shame those individuals rather than attempt ‘education’ or outreach. Moreover, they seem utterly uninterested in tolerance or respect for individual boundaries. It is the emotion behind the objection they wish to eradicate by any means necessary.

Once labeled ‘homophobic’, the target loses all humanity or consideration. They are viewed as threatening, dangerous and deserving of scorn. The label removes compassion, empathy and reason. It allows the targeting mob to focus all hatred and outrage onto the accused regardless of their innocence. The mob no longer sees a person, only a monster they must banish. They revel in the cruelty and relentlessness of the attack, feeling righteous and justified and afterwards struggle to even consider any personal wrong doing.

It is a pure expression of hatred. It is the exact emotion the Left and specifically the LGBT Left has railed against for decades. Today they manifest it with a complete lack of self-awareness.

It never occurred to them that this actress had personal boundaries or concerns for her physical safety. Just as they consider blood donation bans and HIV disclosure laws to be ‘homophobic’ due to what they imply about the gay male community, her audacity to suggest gay male actors may pose a risk to her offended them in a profound way. This offense exists in a state of self-righteous indignation rather than factual reality. No one could review current HIV statistics and argue otherwise. But none of that mattered. All they could see was an example of the ‘bigotry’ they felt compelled to fight and win against at any cost.

Once accused the target is not only stripped of their humanity, they are brutally denounced in public and their livelihood, relationships, associations and personal safety directly threatened. The mob is not satisfied until the target is ripped to shreds and paraded around through the streets in victory. There is no mercy, no consideration, no remorse — unless the target of hatred turns inward.

In this case Bruce, as so many trapped under this spell, felt invincible and fully justified in his actions and refused to back down or genuinely apologize until he became the object of disgust by a new mob and was forced to recognize the same helplessness and anxiety. What the mob never realize until its too late is that any individual member can become the next victim at any time for any reason. There is no loyalty in the mob.

Why did this happen? Partly due to the LGBT Left’s identity as a permanent victim and hero, above reproach and immune to criticism. Whatever they do, they do for the greater good and since they are an oppressed minority, it is always justified. By simply witnessing what was believed to be ‘homophobia’, they individually lashed out believing themselves just in their attack. When news of her death arrived the tone became one of an indignant child shrugging and coldly expressing ‘well, she deserved it for being a homophobe!’

When we talk about the Left being the bullies, we are not merely taking a word they use against us and attempt to use it against them in return. We sincerely mean it. This was a case of dramatic bullying with implications otherwise unthinkable to the Left. In no other scenario would a woman be shamed for not wishing to have sex with a man, for any reason. This scenario is the exact outcome the Left demanded safety regulations, committees and online limitations to prevent. This experience is what the Left warned men were doing to women and conservatives were doing to LGBT youth.

The difference now, of course, is the narrative itself is inconvenient. The Left must choose and they cannot denounce gay men for defending themselves against accusations of stigma to protect women imposing said stigma. Intersectionality has created an impossible situation for all involved as the priority list changes and individuals once protected, unknowingly, find themselves cast out.

The lesson here, by my view, is the profound consequence of hate. We have long spoken of hate in the abstract of conservative thought and action without form or true intention. The Left simply tosses the word around at every opportunity and we have largely learned to tune it out. But what we witnessed here is hatred, true and simple. It was mindless, cruel, relentless and unforgiving. It manifested the moment the target was accused and only after her death did individuals trapped by its overwhelming influence begin to recognize what they had indeed experienced and done.

Scrolling through the timelines of the individuals involved, they seem to be firmly rooted in their belief that regardless of the outcome, they were justified.

I don’t believe Bruce or anyone else, from what I have seen, is a bad or evil person. I think he and many, many others are simply members of an ideology that believes in their own moral superiority. The LGBT and liberal media have told them for over a decade they are victims of oppression and they must battle their way to freedom. They know nothing else. They have been raised in hatred of an enemy that has not existed for more years than they have been aware of their place on this Earth. They have become the bullying class and they truly do not realize it.

My hope is that the severity and shock of this tragedy can awaken individuals to the awful truth of mindless attack and true bullying of those with differing points of view. This could have simply been a case of disagreement and debate. Instead it became a witch hunt against a heretic. For some reason, no matter how many times we repeat this scenario throughout history, that never seems to make sense to us. I genuinely hope maybe soon it will.

Chad Felix Greene

Written by

Senior Contributor to The Federalist, Contributor to Huffington Post, Author of the Reasonably Gay Series, Almost Jewish, There is No Such Thing as Hate Speech

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