Taylor Swift DOES NOT suck!!!!

I know that this post is going to lose me some friends and at the end of the day I don’t care.

Let me digress for a bit:

I am a huge fan of the alt indie music scene. Artists like Bon Iver and The National are heros to me. I love how they craft music that can pull such emotion from me. They help me reflect, draw out deeper thoughts and questions, basically give me permission to be a pretentious coffee drinking, scotch sipping douchebag.

I mean this in the best possible sense of course.

I like; no, I LOVE this music.

Growing up a lot of my identity has been placed into music (whether that is a good thing or a bad thing may be another idea for a post). But the thing is, this music helps me take my life seriously. But probably like a lot of you, I can tend to take it too far and take my life too seriously.

Maybe it’s perverse but I do enjoy the dark side. I love serious music, I like movies that make me think, TV shows that explore deep themes, I get off on reading books that require a lot of time and thought to read.

And while I like that side of myself, sometimes I find that I need to tell myself to chill the fuzzuck out.

This is where my girl Taylor comes in. It is hard to ponder the deep meaning of life, expound on its virtues, write about pain and suffering and get sad, when I have some 21 year old telling me to shake it off. I defy you to not tap your feet and shake your tush a bit when that song comes on.

Maybe it’s the modern day poet Megan Trainor telling me that it’s all about the bass and no treble, or Bruno Mars bringing that uptown funk. They bring me back to a time in my life when music was just fun and I loved a song because it had a fun beat and a catchy hook.They remind me, that in all the mess and mayhem that life can sometimes be, there is still room to shake that boom boom.

Look at kids. No group knows how to live in the moment and embrace life like they do. Do they want to sit and listen to the moody harmonies of fleet foxes or get up and sing and dance to Katy Perry firework?

Look, I’m not saying you should throw out your entire music and movie collection and start listening to bubble gum pop, subscribe to the nickelodeon channel, and watch Matthew McConaughey movies (Pre True Detective of course).

I’m just saying take some time to chill out. Don’t be afraid to tap your feet, hum a bit. Heck look over to the blue Honda fit beside you in traffic. Do you see that guy singing and shaking his head? Yup that’s me hanging out with my girl Taylor.