The idea of value

I woke up today in a mood.

I rolled over and saw the clock was 4:23 and thought to myself that I might as well get up. Normally I sleep until 4:30 so this wasn’t much of an inconvenience. I stumbled downstairs and grabbed my morning glass of water, took it down to the basement and began my morning routine.

Meditate, journal, write and read.

Part way through my journalling I found myself asking:

“What am I doing this all for? What value is this bringing to my life.”

Then I asked a more important question, one that has stuck with me all day:

“What value is this bringing to others”

You see it dawned on me, all that I do in this world doesn’t just affect me. I don’t live in a bubble. I am surrounded by people, immersed in relationships. My life does not just include me, my life is not just me. It is beyond that.

  • My family
  • My friends
  • My students
  • My co workers
  • People I pass on the street

They all are part of my world. Everything I do has repercussions on every person around me. It is way too easy to get self involved, to be self centered and self focused. I mean I spend a lot of time in my own head.

Can you blame me?

You know what though?

Everything I do affects everyone else in my world. I make a difference in other people’s lives. So when I try to better myself I better be thinking of how it is going to add value to others around me.

This hit me like a ton of bricks today. What value am I adding to others lives? Have you asked yourself that question lately? It is becoming something I am trying to think about everyday. This life is not only about taking all we can from it. We need to give back as well.

What value did you add to the world today?

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