Learning web development (HTML5)

I randomly saw these great templates from http://html5up.net/. I like the look of each one of them. I have three websites in mind that 2 of theme templates fit wonderfully for.

For my homepage I used the Aerial template. I didn’t change it much, just swapped out a font from google fonts. I plan on changing the background image to something from my collection. Or maybe I’ll take a new photo of Portsmouth.

I mocked up a new site for Rigging Dojo with the MiniPort template. I’ll need to flush it all out and figure out how to not break wordpress as it is in our Root.

Lastly, a friend is starting a small business. He’s working on a “Lifestyle Business” which I think he’ll be great at. More on that later when I know what he’s looking for exactly.

So last night I was able to work on 3 websites, all in a couple of hours. I stil have a lot to learn with Front End Development. I’m going through the Codecademy course on HTML & CSS and still haven’t cracked how to layout a page with CSS. I know the basics but I’d like to be able to look at any design and at least have a clue where to start with the layout. Almost there though.

There’s a ton of resources and excellent templates for people trying to learn web development and well, anything really. I’m glad the internet isn’t just for lolcats, corporate advertisements and dirty bits.

There is sunlight out there if you look for it ☺

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