Introducing Lucid

The natural progression of human connection

Communication has advanced to unimaginable levels. We can speak with friends, family, and strangers in a matter of seconds and at the touch of a button. But why is it that as human connectivity continues to strengthen, romantic human connection has yet to see innovation?

A few months ago I realized something unique about how my girlfriend and I started dating. Like most people do, when I knew I had feelings for Erin, I told my closest friends. The thing is, Erin happened to tell the same person (shoutout Allie)! Knowing that there wasn’t any risk, Allie told us that the feeling was mutual, making a first date the obvious next step. Without Allie, and that beautiful coincidence, who’s to say that Erin and I would be celebrating four years together in November.

By unlocking this information, Allie had a great solution to a very human problem; nothing safely connects our mutual romantic affection.

When two friends have feelings for each other, the information enters a grey area of uncertainty, with neither knowing how the other feels. When the feeling is mutual, getting with the ones who excite us should be simple. 

Pursuing a friend is an uncomfortable experience, but it doesn’t need to be. We’re here to help ✌🏼

Lucid connects friends who share mutual romantic affection.

Whether you’re best friends or you just met at a party, Lucid will help you explore what’s possible.

We would love for you to share us with your friends and join our community so together we can build a future where love comes first ❤️

Stay tuned,

The Lucid Team

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