Automate Finding Cheap San Francisco Vacation Flights

The trick to booking your cheap flight from SFO is to make it automated and easy from your mobile phone. I’m going to show you the trick I’ve learned to booking cheap flights.

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Tired of Searching for a Vacation Flight, Me Too

If you are like me, you either don’t know where to go or it cost a ton to go where you want to go. Or you spend hours googling for deals on vacations and find nothing at the end. Sound familiar…??

How to Find Cheap SFO Vacation Flights

After comparing flight deals I’ve learned that @SecretFlying had the best flight deals. But, who has time to follow all their tweets to only find deals from SFO? Not me. To solve this problem I used a service called IFTTT, Twitter and Push Notification on my iPhone. You will need accounts on both Twitter and IFTTT.

Twitter + IFTTT = Vacation Flight Savings

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a Twitter account
  2. Create an IFTTT account
  3. Create a new Applet.
  4. Click on “This”
  5. Search for Twitter and Click on It
  6. Connect Your Twitter Account
  7. Click on “New Tweet from Search”
  8. Enter @SecretFlying sfo
  9. Click on Create Trigger
  10. Click on “That”
  11. Search for Notification and Click on That (only for iphone)
  12. Click send Notification
  13. Click Create Action
  14. Click Finish

Here is my applet. Happy Travels…

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