Everyone Sucks And There Is No Escape

Look, can we agree that the political landscape in the US sucks?

The left accosts anyone who questions anything; the right mocks anyone who has empathy for the feelings of others. No one can even be a centrist lest they be mocked by the left for “being indecisive” or some other insensitive, accusatory gobbledygook — as if no one on that side of the spectrum has ever wavered on any of their political views.

A message to the left: I am no 45 apologist — at this point, I would have a literal pile of garbage as president over him — but please stop reaching for things to mock him for. There’s plenty of other stuff to make fun of, or to be genuinely concerned about, with Trump other than the weird misspellings in his tweets. We all know Trump is an idiot. Watching people find things to get mad at Trump about because it’s been a few days since he’s said something extremely stupid rather than just normal stupid is nearly as tiring as trying to keep up with how many foreign nukes are pointed at us due to his general recklessness. Give it a rest. There are many other things to be more worried about. For example, there’s a literal sexual predator in the White House. And this literal sexual predator’s VP believes that homosexuality can be tortured out of a person. Let’s just talk about these ones every day instead of anything else.

Also, left folks, stop mocking centrists? Because. . . why? Why would you do that? Everyone is different. Everyone leans differently on different issues. I understand if a centrist is, like, racist, sure. Or if that centrist voted for Trump. Then, yeah, they deserve a good mocking. Someone who labels themselves a centrist because the left and right are too radically different and they can acknowledge that there’s actually some nuance in politics and there are issues that aren’t just black and white, though? Yeah. . . they’ve done nothing but be human. Oh, and if I see one more leftist get mad at people who voted third party when they could have voted Hillary, I’m going to lose my mind. Hillary had the popular vote. Those 6.5m (4.93% of the popular vote) total third party votes would have changed nothing. If you want to get mad, get mad at the forefathers for the electoral college. Third party voters are doing something neither political party is doing, and that’s actually trying to change the shithouse that is the American political system. There is no point in condemning that.

Last thing for the left: it is time to actually be the good guys. There’s a lot of mocking of the right that goes on in the “mainstream media,” and, while it’s generally well-deserved, I think partially it could be the right gets the brunt of it because people are afraid of the fury of the left. People are afraid of “outrage culture.” The left, sometimes, actually deserves to be mocked more than the right. At least we know what we’re getting with the right. No empathy for human life (repealing the ACA with a basically nonexistent plan). No empathy for the feelings of the oppressed or marginalized (using “triggered” ironically). For the side claiming to be the good guys, the left actually needs to be the side doing good, and I don’t see it happening as often as I should.

Alright, now a message to the right (prepare thine wigs unto which I am about to snatch): stop calling people “triggered” for expressing feelings. Stop acting as if you’re oppressed for being conservative when the reality is that you’re most likely conservative due to not wanting to see your privilege dissipate when minorities finally see real, true equality. Stop acting as if the left is brainwashed. If anyone is doing any brainwashing, it’s likely the delusional Breitbart and FOX News networks. Wouldn’t it make more sense that the party where the majority of religious folks are could possibly be more susceptible to be swayed to the side of authority? Wouldn’t it make more sense that the side whose religion quite literally calls them sheep would actually believe a certain authority figure saying that several trusted news sources are reporting “fake news”? Gasp! Say it ain’t so!

Lastly, right, stop choosing to be so fucking (sorry mom) ignorant. You are on the internet every single day, usually being mad at Starbucks, or black football players kneeling, or some other useless thing. Open up Google and maybe look into why people are protesting the things they’re protesting. Maybe read up a bit on the Black Lives Matter organization instead of regurgitating FOX News, who calls BLM a terrorist organization while being pretty understanding of white guys shooting up everything from schools to country concerts. Maybe have a nice, introspective look at yourself and question why you voted for Trump. Was it because you were scared? Was it because Obama was making changes that made life not as easy for you? Man, I’m sorry. That must be hard. Now realize that this is how minorities have felt the entirety of their American existence.

Both sides need to come together and actually have some discussion or our political system is going to implode. I’m basically an anarchist anymore so that’d be fine with me, but that’s not the point. The point is to find some common ground and actually talk to people. Stop playing identity politics and have a conversation. Sometimes, when someone is faced with new information, in a face-to-face conversation, they’ll actually change their mind. Imagine that. It’s almost as if humans are complex beings with thoughts and feelings that can change. As if. . . get this. . . there is a person behind every computer screen. You know how people usually come to a conclusion about how they feel? Discourse. Discussion. Not shouting matches. Those are what push people away. The left and the right have been blowing hot air at each other so much and so often that they’ll be pushing each other off the proverbial ends of the earth if this goes on much longer.

We are all adults. Figure it out. Later.