Should Bungie sever the PvE/P connection in Destiny’s sandbox balancing? (Image: Destructoid)

The Appetizer:

Destiny is a first-person perspective shooter role-playing game (FPS RPG) with a Sci-Fi theme. The lore is extensive with great depth, the core gameplay feels great, the visuals have a cleanliness element, and the music/audio is fantastic. The foundation of the game is top tier with a great marketing team. The game is rather social in design and has done an amazing job at facilitating community bonding and friendships.

So, why are a lot of people unhappy with Destiny and (most of which) stopped frequently playing the latest installment of the franchise? I’ve gone in detail for many reasons in…

There are plenty of things still needing to be completed to tidy up my map

After a solid grind, I finally made it to World Tier (WT) 4 in “The Division 2” (Div2). I made it to 450+ gear score shortly after arrival. Then, a discouraging thought came across my mind: “What is the point to playing now that I’ve reached the soft cap that will immediately be surpassed when WT5 is released?”

I haven’t seen any indications of when exactly WT5 will be released, though many community members (including myself) are speculating it will be released within the next few weeks. Time gating the true endgame of Div2 is overall a good plan as…

Octane bio (as seen on EA’s website)

Do you like to go Sonic fast? Are you an MLG wonderboy with a diet of Doritos and Mt. Dew and sniff a line of energy powder before every game session (don’t do this)? Do you like to yeet yourself around the map on a regular basis? Well, Octane is the perfect choice for you! If not, then this guide will still help you take down those crazy kids.

Tactical: Stim

Pop your stim to move 30% faster for six seconds. This costs ten hp (ignores shields) and has a two-second cooldown after use. You can’t kill yourself with this ability. …

Division 2 wallpaper image illustrating three specialist options in the endgame.

Let’s discuss how to best play the PvE content of every Online Shooter RPG. These are the games that involve an initial playthrough to get to an endgame before spending a significant amount of time grinding for ideal gear and completing challenging activities like raids. This doesn’t really apply to games I would consider a “Story Shooter RPG” like Mass Effect, which consists primarily of the initial playthrough.

I’ve dedicated thousands of hours over years to playing this genre I’ve fallen in love with and completed feats such as speedrun world records (Destiny 2’s Last Wish and Scourge of the…

A positive mind promotes a positive outcome.

So, you want to get better at video games? I want to share what has helped me improve, which are also many things that pros do on a daily basis. These tips and words of advice are focused on the PvP side of gaming, but much of this article is applicable to PvE gaming as well.

The Basis of Improvement:

“Hit your shots” is a simple and can be improved by slowing down your shot to develop muscle memory, running hand-eye coordination and mouse/thumbstick accuracy drills, and ensuring you have the right sensitivity for you (Copying pros isn’t always the best option). But, there…

Destiny 2’s seasonal calendar (Credit: Bungie)

The Analogy:

I’m going to use an analogy of a public pool to explain the topic of this article. Most of you can skip this paragraph because you know all about public pools, but I’ll explain it quickly for those who don’t. At a public pool, you often have a “shallow end,” typically where young kids, parents, and those who just want to cool off their feet will spend their time. These pools progressively get deeper until the opposite side is reached, called the “deep end.” …

A group shot of all eight currently playable characters (courtesy: EA)

Many people ask me during my live streams, so let’s get it done. I’m not going to do a numerical ranked order. Instead, I’ll do ranking sections in tiers (S, A, B, C, and D in that order of strongest to weakest). This will allow me to give a sectional tiered rank for future characters released (Labeling them in the guides I’ll write for them similar to the guides I’ve written for currently available characters). This will also make it easier to address each of the characters’ current strength state from any future balance patches.

I’ll format this by listing…

Mirage bio (as seen on EA’s website)

We’ve made it to the end of the line. The final of eight playable characters in the initial form of Apex Legends. The holographic trickster, Mirage. This guide will help you play as, with, and against him much more effectively. I’ll explain everything after covering the abilities to establish a foundation.

Passive: Encore!

When you get knocked, you leave a decoy standing where you were and cloak for five seconds. This ability requires you to be effectively out of the fight already, so it doesn’t help win a fight in any realistic way. I’ll cover more on why in the “weaknesses” section.

Ultimate: Vanishing Act

Gibraltar bio (as seen on EA’s website)

Ok, bruddah. It’s time to talk about this big boy. Coming in with shields, a mortar strike, and the biggest hitbox in the game is Gibraltar. This is a weird one for me to cover. Many claimed Gibraltar to be one of the best and hardest to deal with characters in the game near the release. He always felt like one of the weakest to me though, but I couldn’t quite lock down why due to mixed results. He was one of the faster legends for me to get to the 100 kill mark with, but it felt like I…

Bloodhound’s bio (as seen on EA’s website)

This guide will be covering the second of two “standard play” characters in Apex Legends. I covered the first, Lifeline, in yesterday’s guide. Bloodhound is essentially the “Steve Rogers” (Captain America) of Apex (just…not American and excels in hunting/killing people). Ok, so maybe not really like the Cap, but I was going for a relation of the power curve. The early game strength is easily the weakest of all of the legends. But, once your team starts roaming in the mid to late game and you have access to the ultimate, you’re suddenly a force to be reckoned with.

Tactical: Eye of the Allfather



Chad has spent his entire life in gaming and has dedicated thousands of hours through the recent years as a streamer looking to help the community.

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