Compass Card is a bit clunky.

Tale of two compass cards.

Happy Chad: Having exact change was a pain that I won’t miss when jumping on the bus. The mobile interface for the main site, works well, I set up everything on my first 10 minute skytrain ride. And come tax time, assuming I can find usage data, makes claiming transit use on taxes a lot easier.

Complainy Chad: I continue to forget to tap out on Skytrain as all the gates are still open (behavior change is hard, but closing the gate would help). Realising this, I attempt to log in to see my usage data — how much was charged for what trip. The help says you can do it. The change management site, also says you can look at all your data. Neither of them link to this non-existant page. The Contact Page asks for all my contact information, even though I am logged into my account with all my contact information. Please, share my data with me … and yourself.

It’s changed the transit experience. We’ll see if for the better. At nearly $200 million to rollout, I would have rather seen that cash invested in the next line that needs to be built.

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