We are all social constructionists now
Simon Lindgren

I had my doubts at the beginning of this article. Was it going to be a nihilistic rant or an uncritical recitation of post-fact murmurs. Ironically it turned out to be awake towards these issues. Power, power, power! Indeed that is the unit of analysis in todays good sociology. Bringing it to light is aided by social constructionists, but can they offer practical suggestions for a better way forward? Thats my main concern. When I say practical I mean people will actually pick up the message and act on it in a positive way. Its easy writing up enlightened prescriptions and print them out as bumper stickers. But can a constructivist perspective works itself out, as Foucault would have it, in the micro-institutions of power in society for example? I guess what I’m asking is can social constructionists be constructive?

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