I’m in a long-term relationship with Passion

I met passion when I was just a young child.

It was as if we were always meant to be. We’d be lying on the rooftop, late at night, looking out into space, thinking, dreaming and wondering.

Passion and me seemed inseparable during those simple times.

Over the years though, we grew apart. Sure you can relate, life just happens and speeds up at some point. Year by year my focuses started to change. I started growing older, going to school, meeting new people, working and with each growth over the years I started seeing passion less and less.

That’s the thing I loved about passion while we were together, passion was always sure about what needed to happen. Passion never doubted and never changed, always staying true.

The years passed quickly and my life went on.

Recently, I looked up from my stressed life, mundane activities and thought about passion. I remembered all the good things we did. The laughs, the triumphs and how joyful life was before. I started wondering where passion was and if it was possible to reconnect. It had been so long since I had contact I didn’t have clue where to start.

I thought for a while about how consistent passion always was and realized I may run into passion if I go back to what we used to do together.

So I started doing the same things that I used to love. I started laughing, traveling, helping people, playing and then one day I looked up and there was passion. Right in front of me, all these years later and I still felt the same as before, we were back together.

It was as if we had never been separated. All those years didn’t matter. Overtime my relationship with passion got stronger and stronger. At the same time many of the relationships I had made, when passion was gone, slowly started to fade away. Some people couldn’t understand passion and I. My careers changed and to be honest it terrified me to leave them all behind. But I knew that I’d never let passion go again, this relationship was worth maintaining and was more powerful than all others.

I’m happy to say that I’m in a healthy long-term relationship.

It was always meant to be.

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