My 2017, in pictures

Each of the previous two years I’ve posted a Year in Review on Medium because, well, I don’t really share on Facebook.

I stayed put for a change this year, which makes it seem uneventful considering I started and ended the year covering sports in Evansville, Indiana.

Here are a few things I saw in 2017 (and here’s 2015 and 2016.)

Albert is doing well and is thankfully moving on from some of his puppy tendencies.
I returned to Athens, Ohio, again for homecoming. It was good to see my brother and two of my best friends from college. It was not good to learn that at age 24, it’s a struggle to keep up with college kids during a night out.
It was another spring and summer spent at baseball games in Cleveland, St. Louis and Chicago.
And another winter spent at basketball games, whether for work or for fun. (The third photo is 7,000+ for a high school game.)
The eclipse was at 99 percent over Evansville, but that one percent was huge. An underwhelming day, but it’s good to have a group of friends willing to grab beers almost any night.
While writing is still my forte, I made my TV debut this fall and appeared on the local ABC station every Thursday night for 13 weeks to break down local games.

And that was about all I have to show. Looking back through my phone, I realize I didn’t take many photos on my travels or with friends and family. But that’s OK. It’s probably better that way.

If you’ve scrolled this far, my three favorite stories I wrote…

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