Lindsay has been named one of the top 10 fashion photographers in the world. Her work is visceral yet soft. Each image draws you into a world that is beautiful and powerful. Though she has a graph signature style, her range is far and wide. Each image is like a thumbprint. She is equally unique with her openness to experimentation, sharing her knowledge and continuously learning, all while having a clear sense of self and purpose.

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”I photograph professional models and portrait clients in this style. They hire me to do a red photograph because they know it’s quintessential to my style.”

As I’ve been looking through your work, I’ve noticed that the color red seems to be important. Why do you think that is?
That’s a fun question to start with. I think the color red began as an accident. Really it stems from the first photo I ever took that looked like my style. When I was in college, I was going through the, the artistic crisis of like, who am I as an artist? What do I want to be? What do I want to say? I’d ordered these cyber punk, futuristic, weird-looking glasses. I bought them online and I took a photo where it was this red and white pinstripe on the glasses, almost like a swirled red lips, white out skin. I took the photo, and it was kind of like this universal hug. It was like, Oh, this is me. This is my, my style. It was using clothing, makeup, and the human form to make graphic art. …


Carolyn Hadlock

Principal, Executive Creative Director, Young & Laramore,

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