Why you can still fail with the best strategy


While listening to a Tony Robbins podcast, I took away something that impacted me. Not sure why, but it did.

He was talking about strategy, how he’s flipped multiple business into multi-million dollar ones using a few strategies.

Wouldn’t you want them? Of course you would! But you could STILL fail even if he gave you those strategies.

What makes a strategy work is the content behind it (obviously, duh) BUT it’s also the work and energy you put in it. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

What you don’t realize, is that success takes a lot of effort. Like I mean seriously, you need to give it your full attention. Ignore the party offers, ignore some social events, and focus on growing your business. Of course you can go out sometimes, enjoy yourself, but your full goal needs to be on growing the business. You can’t be lazy, or postpone things. You literally just need to do the work.

So if you’ve been give strategies in life and they haven’t had any effect, then you’re not trying hard enough. You don’t want it enough. You won’t get it. So focus, work hard, and get the job done. Apply the strategy, but do it with the right amount of execution. That’s the priority. Proper execution with your full effort, and you’ll make it.

Short and quick, but hope you take something away from this.

Until next time,