Harvey, The “Fashionably Late” Donald, & Lying Ted

I doubt I need to tell even the most reclusive of people what has managed to finally take all the “Fake News” arrows off of Donald Trump’s saggy back-fat after a stupendous political blunder regarding a certain protest held at Charlottesville, VA, resulting in 19 wounded individuals and one dead woman who would be part of a much larger sum that would act as a countercurrent to the rise of arm-banded Swastika flying neo-nazis, hooded sheet wearing members of the KKK, and other assorted white nationalistic groups. This would be the naturally occurring diluvial period Houston, Texas (and indeed much of the deep south) has had to endure.

Being a New Yorker who has historically taken issue with this state, its representatives, and its flirtation with the idea of secession from the Union, I’d be lying if a minute part of me didn’t want to say, “Secession? By all means. The door’s in front of you. We’ll just install Puerto Rico in the giant crater your exit will leave.” And, likely (from many coastal states anyway), there would be much rejoicing.

However I’ve lived in a few different areas. And my East Coast opinion I needed to relegate to provincial bigotry. I was living in Cincinnati, OH the week Sandy tore the East coast at least two brand new anuses, but when I returned I was inundated with nightmare stories that brought back memories of Katrina. The magnificent delay of state and federal help, thanks in great part to the very U.S. representatives that suddenly become very stingy when the subject of help in question is a state not their own. George W. Bushes tardy appearance and his applause of then FEMA head Michael (You’re doin’ a heckuva job, Brownie) Brown. All while people were being sunburned on the roofs of their homes with no potable water or food — their homes, the contents within, and the memories that accompanied those contents, destroyed. Many people are still waiting for state aid for Sandy (let alone Katrina), and are, today, living in alternative FEMA “housing”. New Jersey residents were impacted as well, their Governor Chris “That fat f*** wouldn’t know a law book from a cookbook” Christie holding onto that funding and applying it to areas only his constituents resided. Sound like a lie? Democratic New Jersey Senator Frank Palone had made the observation that Christie’s administration was encouraging its constituents to take out loans and repair their homes, but when they attempted to get the federal aid fro HUD to pay those loans back? No reimbursement.


You’ll notice above in the title of this article I don’t bother to place quotes around “Lying Ted” (coined originally by our plum of a president, Donald Trump). No accident. He lies as much as the day is long. However this doesn’t excuse our executive and chief from making his own “fashionably late” appearance for Texans in light of their communal catastrophe. A NYC team of rescuers, after a caravan of 19 vehicles left on Sunday 08/27/17, made landfall at Galveston, Texas Tuesday 08/19/17, Texas. The same day our President arrived. Only he’s equipped with Air Force One and could have arrived in just a couple of hours. I suppose he didn’t want to equivocate the storm with its victims before he’d had a couple of days to “examine the facts”, as responsibility for this tragedy surely could be “Blamed on many sides…many sides”.

Pure speculation on my part, so don’t take this observation as a gospel aspersion, but it’s amusing to me how The Donald only deigned to show up after an ExxonMobile Texas refinery was reported out of commission, subsequently concerning Goldman Sachs about energy futures as a loss of 16% of domestic production until the refinery was brought back online with $30 billion at stake to do it. In my past posts I may have mentioned something about following the f***ing money. There it is. Like “Waldo” staring right back at you with his silly cap. But I’ll say it first so our president doesn’t need to waste his bad breath — “That’s fake news talk, everybody.” Coming from you President Trump, I’d take that as a compliment, print it, and have it bronzed on my wall.