MeshApp launches app for MITX in US

Chad O'Connor
Sep 22, 2016 · 3 min read

Now we want to do the same for you!

Over the last few years I’ve been fortunate to advise and work with CEO Rodrigo Rato and the MeshApp team in Portugal as they prepared for US market entry. Yesterday, at Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX)’s FutureM conference, Amy Quiqley and her team launched The MITX App, representing both the next US phase for MeshApp and a new content era for the MITX community.

The MITX App is available on both iOS and Android, so I highly suggest you download it and check it out before reading further.

Founded in Portugal, Relocating to the US

What is MeshApp and how does it work?

MeshApp is a next-generation app builder that leverages community marketing of content through an agile, targeted, and personalized experience.

We believe that “Community Marketing” will be the next big thing to happen to Content Marketing, and to marketing in general.

In essence, MeshApp will Mesh your content into an App for your brand’s community. Our business partner, Chris Rohland, has called it a “content corral” as only a great Texan could!

The MeshApp process is straightforward:

1. Sync your content with the MeshApp cloud.

2. Curate your content using dynamic metadata.

3. Target your content with formulas.

4. Build your content hub.

5. Customize your content hub with your brand’s look and feel.

6. Deploy your content hub as a new app, in your app, or on your website.

7. Organize your community by target segments.

8. Interact with your community with 1-to-1 communication tools.

9. Activate your community with marketing tools.

The MITX App

When I first approached Amy and her MITX team with the idea, they quickly understood how MeshApp’s technology could address their evolving content needs and deliver real value to their audiences. Over the coming months, as MeshApp continues to roll out new features and functionality to empower that content experience, the value to the MITX community and other clients will only increase.

The Content

The MITX community has a lot of content to sort out!

There’s MITX’s own content about subjects like digital marketing and innovation, from its own blog, social media, and excellent events (content that is generated before, during, and after).

There’s content from MITX member companies, such as their blogs and social properties.

Then there’s content from MITX individual members, and from industry thought leaders in the MITX network.

For Individual App Users

The app will gather all of that content and serve it to individuals in a much more personalized way.

The company you work for, your role there, your background with the subject matter, your social graph (what content your friends and peers are engaging with) and many other factors all should impact the content you’re seeing as an individual end user.

MeshApp’s tech, by applying metadata to both the content and the end users, will make that personalized content experience happen.

For Content-Minded Businesses

And if you’re a brand / organization / publisher with a lot of content like MITX (or one that would like to aggregate a lot of content to engage a target audience), the MeshApp technology will make sure that content is targeted and delivered much more effectively.

Why leave it to chance that a great piece of content will be buried in a timeline, never to be seen, when you could apply optimized tools to prevent it?

The Next Step: How can we help you?

We’re thrilled to see a successful first deployment of MeshApp’s technology in the US for MITX after some great client work in Europe for Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen-Cilag, Auto Club of Portugal (their AAA), and Portuguese media outlet Grupo Impresa.

Now Rodrigo, Chris, and I would love to talk with you about how MeshApp’s technology could empower the content experience for your company, organization, or clients. Feel free to reach out with any questions about MeshApp, or any comments on the new MITX App!

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