What Items Require Climate-Controlled Storage?

While most Self Storage Facilities in Queens NY offer security features such as locked gates with keypad entry and either 24/7 video monitoring or on-site security, not all of them offer climate control. In fact, standard Self Storage Units come with no temperature or humidity control at all. That’s just fine for renters who plan on using their units only on a short-term basis or don’t have any climate-sensitive belongings they want to store, but anyone storing the following items should be sure to find a facility that is climate controlled during all seasons.

Wooden Antiques

Antique furniture is often fabricated from wood, which is susceptible to cracking, warping, and rotting when it is exposed to excessive moisture over a long period of time. Items such as antique wooden bed frames, nightstands, dressers, tables, and chairs should always be stored in a climate-controlled unit in order to ensure a low humidity level.

Leather Furniture and Clothes

Leather is uniquely sensitive to temperature changes, making it dangerous to store it in standard units in places like New York where the weather varies significantly by season. Leather clothing and furniture is also susceptible to discoloration and mildew when it is exposed to moisture. It’s a good idea for anyone with valuable leather items to choose a climate-controlled unit for long-term storage.

Musical Instruments

While often quite large, musical instruments are delicate and must be handled and stored with care with temperatures set at between 70 and 77 degrees and a humidity level of 50% or less. It’s never a good idea to leave any sort of musical instrument in storage for even a short period of time if the unit is not climate controlled. The glue that holds joints together can fall apart due to high humidity, wooden pieces can expand and contract due to temperature changes, and strings can snap when instruments aren’t kept in consistently climate-controlled conditions.

Art Collections

Paintings also require particular temperatures and humidity levels to ensure that they do not become damaged. Whether these paintings are priceless works of art or simply priceless family keepsakes they deserve to be treated with care, so it’s worth both renting Storage Units in Queens NY that feature climate control and keeping them in sealed plastic bins to reduce dust.

Sensitive Electronics

Today’s families invest a good deal of money into electronic devices intended to improve their daily lives. While storing sensitive electronics such as computers, televisions, and many appliances in standard Self Storage Units in Queens NY over short periods of time is generally fine, anyone interested in long-term storage should be sure to rent a climate-controlled unit.