Angels, Demons, and Other Distractions

Julian Assange assassination plot! Mueller coverup!

Angels seen above polling stations! Amazing!

Massive vote fraud! Structures on moon!

Insider reveals mason dirty secrets!

Rod Rosenstein fired in 48 hours!

JFK assassination reopened by military tribunals!

Tesla wireless power tower in Texas! Trump card!

Fort Hood running shooting ops!

Shooting crisis actor busted!

US elections rigged by digital keys!

Trump told Michael Hayden stole $13 trillion from US!

Julian Assange is rogue CIA!

Drone video proves Directed Energy Weapon attack in California fires!

Troops deploy inside US! Operation Hot Musket!

Trump knows Bin Laden raid a fraud!

Hillary assassination team kills FBI informant!

Bombshell: Mueller under criminal investigation!

James Comey subpoenaed for attempting to overthrow Trump!

Russia supporting Mexico caravans!

Jamal Khashoggi was close friend of Osama Bin Laden!

Number of witches spikes rapidly across US as liberals reject Christ!

KGB agent explains everything happening in USA!

Scientists denounce government climate change report as hoax.

Scientist invents demon viewer! Crazy!

Migrant mother: Soros-funded group forced me to storm US border!

Frightening laser dots on Trump!

Surprisingly, I found no depictions of Robert Mueller as the devil online.