Antifa vs. Antifact

Rumors of ‘“revolution” circulate on social media.

Antifa protest planned in downtown Portland on Saturday.

Antifa apocalypse? Anarchist group’s plan to overthrow Trump “regime” starts Saturday.

Oscumba and Clinton held private meeting with the leaders of Antifa!

Cities across nation brace for Nov. 4 anti-Trump protests.

Why the Far Right Thinks a Second U.S. Civil War Starts Saturday.

Black Lives Matter has just received almost 25 million for weapons!

The Antifa revolution begins this weekend in Cleveland and around the country.

You should really consider leaving big cities if you are white or a patriot!

Alt-Right Braces Itself for Civil War on November 4.

May just be BS talk, but they have been caught colluding with ISIS!

The antifa apocalypse is coming this weekend, if you believe the hype.

The FBI has seen a 1200% uptick in registered democrats buying weapons!

LA police say they’re preparing for possible violence at Saturday’s anti-Trump protest.

Communism has no place in the United States of America. May God Bless President Trump!

Is the Department of Defense shutting down the power grid on Saturday?

Michigan women claim nationwide blackouts will take place November 4.

ANTIFA is a terrorist organization who is against everything the USA stands for!

Antifa claims victory after alt-right pulls out of second Tennessee “White Lives Matter” rally.

Shelbyville was the second largest white nationalist rally in a decade

Austin Police says it’s monitoring anti-Trump rally in Austin Saturday.

Alt-right frames protesters as pedophiles with fake NAMBLA sign.

What to do If all hell breaks loose during tomorrow’s “Antifa Uprising.”

Every patriot must not engage Antifa or Black Lives Matter or any other rioters!

Organizers say rest easy, weekend communications drill won’t shut down power.

You must protect and preserve your family and homes!

Unless your kids are Antifa, then you better be careful!

Demonstrators vow to end Trump-Pence presidency.

The youth of this country is now our biggest threat to us all!

Dozens of protesters gather on Boston Common.

Seems Antifa is of to a slow start this morning!

Antifa demonstrators rally, march in downtown Portland.

Far-right conspiracies fizzle amid anti-Trump rallies.

This is nothing more than a publicity stunt to bolster support for themselves!

Antifa civil war fears unfounded during NYC rally against Trump.

Don’t fall for it, remain vigilant!

“Antifa Civil War” on November 4 was really just a few protests against Trump.

Why would they openly show how powerless they are? Soros must be senile!

Antifa group protests Trump administration as counter protesters wave Confederate flag at Austin City Hall.

I want to thank all involved in stopping Antifa and Black Lives Matter from their terrorist movement!

November 4th is a hoax! (the real date is November 5th, mark your calendar)!

Now we will be going on offence. Gloves are coming off!

One of the many scare-pieces that launched a thousand White Lives Matter posts on Facebook.