Bats and Bombshells

Demons are possessing people! Pure evil is spreading!

Trump drops beautiful truth bombs!

Robert Mueller’s daddy aNazi war criminal gestapo chief!

Rashida Tlaib was funded by George Soros!

Bush begs Trump for pardon at White House!

Wildfires caused by “directed energy weapons!” Media blackout!

How Hillary killed ambassador Chris Stevens! Shocking details!

General gives intel on military tribunals!

FBI leak on Trump fake! Bombshell info!

Putin gave Trump doomsday files on 9/11, Uranium One!

JFK Jr. still alive reports intel source!

Mystery virus raging! Depopulation test!?!

Deep state planning to install Pelosi then Clinton as President!

Robert Mueller indicted by military tribunal! Checkmate!

Rod Rosenstein leaked to BuzzFeed!

US took over moon base from Germans long ago!

Plot to kill Trump, Pence while Pelosi away!

Roger Stone arrested to keep Mueller out of jail!

Kamala Harris is Eric Holder’s lover!

Stefan Halper set up Roger Stone!

They said they will kill Trump and his family!

Trump quit tweeting and bring the bat!

They can’t stop what’s coming!

What the alt-right thinks is “troubled youth” and what they think is “model youth.”