Countdown to Doomsday Jesus

Trump to release 9/11 doomsday weapon!

RocketMan has no nuke capability!

Trump blackmailed!

Trump orders Halper docs Released! Boom!

Hillary paid Russian spies!

CNN: ‘Shadow Government’ must overthrow Trump!

Anthony Bourdain’s final words: “Bill Clinton is piece of sh*t rapist!”

Barack Obama: America must embrace communism!

James Comey: Republicans must help Hillary win in 2020!

Putin gave doomsday files on swamp!

Putin: “Dark forces” conspiring to bring down Trump!

Trump’s got all FISA Warrants! It’s TREASON!

Hillary confesses: I flirted with Putin in 2014!

Hillary stripped of security clearance!

Russian doomsday weapons are no joke!

Google translate issues apocalyptic warning: “Jesus is coming!”

Obama wired taxpayer money to Al-Qaeda group!

Sun fries dog, plants to crisp! what’s going on!?!

Baby says Jesus is coming!

Jesus picks the right time to come back.