Deep State Wants Trump Inside of It

Chad Parenteau
Dec 1 · 1 min read

A found poem compiled from November’s alternative fact headlines

Confirmed! Coup is real!

Pelosi and the Deep State panic! Major event fast approaching!

Trump’s economic plan will shake globalist to the core!

Trump’s forceful removal! Trust me you won’t like it!

Iran gearing up for rapid nuclear breakout!

Trump puts the world on notice!

Schiff’s whistleblower outed big time!

Coup against Trump officially goes from soft to hard!

Indictments coming, we are now nearing T-minus zero!

Patriots leading Deep State down the path!

President Trump military coup! United States on brink!

Impeachment may be dead on arrival!

Deep state holds report that would exonerate Trump advisers!

Russia to impeachment one big coup!

Schiff connected to companies named in US-Ukraine corruption case!

Anti-Trump CIA whistleleaker in Oval Office with Barack Obama!

Can Americans endure Satan’s communist takeover?!?

Ukraine comes into full view! Indictments coming!

Hillary Having On-Camera Seizures!

Biden losing his mind every Time he talks!

Why do Democrats seem so sick?!?

Deep state panic! Trump’s life threatened!

Hundreds of new troops go to confront Iran!

Watch! This will leave you speechless!

We only know a fraction of the back story!

Chad Parenteau

Poet for Hire. Please recommend and follow my work here and on my website.

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