Tales of the Alt-Blight
Tales of the Alt-Blight

Fighting the Truth for You

Chad Parenteau
Oct 1 · 1 min read

The plan to kill millions of patriots leaked!

Our future is very cold! Global warming is a lie!

Greta Thunberg crumbles without her script!

Greta Thunberg sounds like Hitler!

Everything we’re told is a lie!

Experiment proves WE control the Matrix! Bye bye fake news!

Was Dorian a direct hit on Deep State!??

Skull and Bones Island exposed!

I was sex trafficked to Joe Biden, Prince Andrew, Epstein and McCain!

They make red shoes out of kids! These people are sick!

9/11 passengers were routed to Westover Air Force base!

America was Nuked on 9/11!

YouTube Nazi myths destroyed!

Is a race war winnable?

Dark sinister plan for the world revealed!

Marine in secret space program speaks out!

Huge craft crashed into moon?!?

Iranian military shooting at UFO! Armageddon upon them!

Red haired giant brought down in Afghanistan!

Epstein’s ratting on everyone!

They Live was a documentary! See the secret world!

Masonic infiltration of alt-media! Coup attempt now!

Democrats and CIA engaged in coup!

President Trump is fighting for you!

Chad Parenteau

Written by

Poet for Hire. Please recommend and follow my work here and on my website. www.chadparenteaupoetforhire.com

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