Florida: A Broken Clock Right Once a Day?

Florida Senate passes, immediately reverses temporary ban on AR-15.

A proposal to arm teachers was passed before a vigil for Parkland victims.

Florida House votes to force schools to display “In God We Trust” a day after refusing to consider gun control.

Florida Senate rejects ban on assault weapons.

Florida Highway Patrol officer caught on video racing against Lamborghini.

Florida deputy fired, accused of assaulting woman.

Florida officers sentenced in man’s beating after car chase.

Florida Senate passes school safety bill that excludes ban on assault rifles.

Florida teacher accused of operating racist podcast.

Parkland Shooter’s rifle magazines were etched with swastikas.

Only “thoughts and prayers” will stop evil behind shootings, Florida senator says.

Plan to fortify religious expression in public schools quickly advancing.

Florida felons escape punishment when they “lie & try” to buy a gun.

Florida senators vote not to stop sales of AR-15s.

Florida Senate Backs Off Arming Teachers but Wants Guns for School Staff.

Florida lawmakers punish NRA’s corporate foes.

Florida №1 in nation for fraud.

Florida among twenty five states to receive an ‘F’ in gun-control group’s annual scorecard.

Florida Senate rejects ban on assault weapons.

Florida deputy fired after allegedly forcing woman to expose her breasts.

Sheriff Israel tries to reassure Parkland on safety.

Deputy told others to stay five hundred feet away from building.

Two SWAT officers suspended for responding to Parkland shooting.

Florida Governor Rick Scott breaks with NRA to sign new gun regulations.

Florida Governor signs bill allowing some school teachers to carry guns.