Ready! Aim! Liar!

A found poem compiled from October’s alternative fact headlines

Chad Parenteau
Nov 2 · 1 min read

Seth Rich murder revealed by whistleblower who tells all!

Trump has a heavenly visitation! President says God will protect us!

Feds in a panic! Put on notice by Trump!

President Trump declares War in USA! Government spies everywhere!

Liddle Adam Schiff in acts of pedophilia!

Secret audio convicts Ukraine officials of 2016 election meddling!

Trump activating the Marine Corp! Threatened armed coup against him!

Democrats plan civil unrest to overthrow Trump!

Photo of young Obama holding AK-47 machine gun, wearing tribal attire!

The real story behind the California power shutdown!

Insider visits FEMA execution facility, is shown guillotines and crematorium!

Obama executed by firing squad at Guantanamo Bay! Deep State panicking!

Ilhan Omar with Antifa terrorists at Trump rally!

Donald Trump tells us what he knows!

Democrat Katie Hill resigns after having weed-fueled three ways!

CNN caught on hidden camera admitting they are Fake News!

Rats flee sinking ship! Deep Staters flip against Obama and Hillary!

Trump mentions Obama execution last night on Fox News!

Timing is everything! The patriots have timed everything perfectly!

The Dems have run out of time! Expose! Drain the swamp! Fire at will!

2020 will be bloody!

Poet for Hire. Please recommend and follow my work here and on my website.

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