Sandy Hook, Line and Sinker

A found poem compiled from June’s alternative fact headlines

Chad Parenteau
Jul 2 · 1 min read

NWO insider killed after this leak! Final warning!

Fireman saw nobody at Sandy Hook!

Funeral director said coffins ordered weeks Before! Buried with rocks!

Pro-vaccine shill changes tune when cameras go off! Boom!

Mueller report: It’s all a FRAUD!

Video of German flying saucers in 1939!

Mars base Aries Prime shown in Boeing video?!?

From Rodham to Collins — 10 dead in 72 Hours!

Sandy Hook 100% fake! Alex Jones folded!

Trump will kick the intel agencies!

Mueller’s mic drop moment! Case closed!

Shocking update on man killed for revealing date of Iran War! It’s real!

They killed her for this interview!

Weather warfare secrets exposed!

Rape accusation against Trump one day after he refused to bomb Iran!

Happiest of all wives in U.S. are religious conservatives!

Google admits it rigs elections!

Cruz dropping veritas hammer on Google — priceless!

Everyone will know “Unnerving” reality about UFOs soon!

German secret space program — hidden to enslave us!

Arm yourself! Dark Left violence coming!

No justice at Sandy Hook hoax trial!

Chad Parenteau

Written by

Poet for Hire. Please recommend and follow my work here and on my website.

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