Scenes From Roseanne’s Internet Cache

Kelly wiretaps Trump! NXIVM honeypot!

Paddock shot nobody! FBI lied!

Dueling assassination teams!

Judge Ellis to destroy Mueller!

Netanyahu wants WW3 at any cost!

What’s the deal with Hillary’s Bulge?

FBI Trump mole Stefan Halper unmasked!

Obama paid FBI mole Stefan Halper to destroy Trump! Treason!

Hawaii under Scalar attack!

Exposed mole inside Trump campaign paid by Obama!

Pence framed Flynn over Pedogate!

Starbucks now giving away free coffee with promo code: Racism!

Pedo Epstein works for Mueller! Huge news!

Sorry, but Obama White House, not dossier, was behind Trump investigation!

Alex Jones defends Roseanne Barr: “I am a gorilla!”

George Soros admits Roseanne was right calling him a Nazi collaborator!

Starbucks’ bias training ripped as anti-white men!

More Trump spies found! Treason!

Of all the things they say happened, this…did.